viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

Learn from HISTORY and then have yours...

Hi, everyone I really hope you like and enjoy this new blog about a teenage fashionist girl, I´ve been working so hard to make this written work, this new project in my life. This blog will be about Fashion, movies, make up, hairstyles, and more.

Many thanks for your time!

Well I was reading about the history of fashion and I really like it!! So I want to tell you a little about it. So ..


Once upon a time there was a lady, the first lady that came from Europe to North America brought with her a lot of clothes of the late Renaissance (I really love this time they always look like the royalty) and by that time the native woman wore only clothes made of animal skins and moccasins, after that the Europeans started using fur capes and the natives using clothes of the Europeans thanks to barter. The mix between them made something new. Something different, I really like how the cultures could grow up if they have open minds. 

The fashion maybe is something like a drug (it must be), because this addiction, this obsession for the clothes comes in our genes. In 1700 a burned house, consider that the value of their fabrics is more important than the building itself. What??? Well that is too much, isn't it? Of course in that time the clothes were so important because it defines the social class, and until today… but to prefer clothes than a place to live!! Really ? Well, if I was in their place I would be crying! (for the fabrics).

In U.S in the nineteenth century the roll of the woman start taking benefits like they start working out of the house and start having a place in the fashion industry, during the civil war the woman began to make clothes for the soldiers like mannish skirt suits, waterproof, boots, etc. The women began to buy fabric by the yard, and in the mid-century they start using paper patterns to make things easier.
The intrest in the sports also influenced in the women´s dress, in United States women couldn´t resist playing golf and bicycling, so they start using bloomers, and by the end of the century using shirtwaists with ankle-baring. The power of the woman! Wow!  


Shirtwaists with ankle-braring

There were a lot of changes in the XIX century; the women change their dresses completely. In the XX the clothes were more simples, the change was emblematic for of the democracy of fashion, from the 1960s a lot of woman and men Afro-Americans prefer using African jewelry, clothes and hairstyle.  And some people adopt these styles.

Until the World War II the HIGH fashion has a collapse in France thanks to the Nazi occupation, so the industry of U.S fashion started taking place more bigger with their simplicity and their sense of modernity.
This is so fantastic! How the fashion has been changing and will still! Well I hope you like it this piece of history of fashion!

With love Angie

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